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The torture that 01012012.tumblr puts everyone in until they transform into foodpornatics.
Sherlockian: Hey look at this cool blog 01012012. Oh no. NO!!! NOT THE FOOD PORN THE DELICIOUS HORRIBLE FOOD PORN. NOOOOOO!!!!
by VorteckBeCrazy May 16, 2012
Food Porn is beautiful and magnificent photos of food. Food Porn is often found on Instagram and sometimes Facebook. Food Porn is completely legal to watch or look at and you don't need to hide it in a secret folder on your computer. Unless you feel like your relationship with Food Porn should be kept secret and discreet. Then you hide that shit. You hide that shit good. Food Porn is often confused with peas and corn, which is just porn. But they are two different things. Unless the Food Porn you're looking at is peas and corn. Then it's porn. You don't need to feel guilty after looking at Food Porn. It's completely normal. My fellow Instgramers know what I'm talking about ;). Food Porn is with both desserts and normal food. Don't get desert and dessert mixed up. That pisses me off.
Mallory: Know of any sites to find some good Food Porn?
Person: Hmm. Well. Instagram is pretty decent.
Mallory: Of course! I totally forgot. Thanks!
by PshNotMallory July 21, 2013