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1. The act of denying someone your leftover food.

2. Refusing to share your food with someone even though you aren't going to eat it and plan on throwing it away.
Example 1:

Person 1 - Hey man, are you gonna finish that?

Person 2 - No, but you can't have it cuz you've already eaten enough food to feed 3 people. You are cut off!

Person 1 - You are such a food block...

Example 2:

Dude, I'm so hungry! Stop food blocking me and let me eat your leftover food!
by The Richmond, VA Man Vs. Food March 15, 2011
Someone who judges your food in hopes of making it so you will be too disgusted to eat it.
Rob: What are you drinkin?

Dan: a milk shake

Rob: Eww i hope you know that it looks as if your sucking cum out of a cup

Dan: your sucha fucking food block i don't even want this anymore
by skkipbeat December 07, 2009
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