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When someone eats too much, and their stomach has the little roll. It looks some what similar to being under three months pregnant. As for the name, food baby it makes itself pretty self explanatory.
Rachel: Oh god I ate too much and now I have food baby!
by DJ India P March 06, 2009
A colloquialism used to describe waste product from an animal's digestive tract expelled through the anus (or cloaca) during defecation. See also Feces.
"Had some mean ass Mexican food 2 hours ago that's brewin' up a foodbaby."
by M3RCUTIO April 04, 2008
When a really skinny person (usually male) eats too much food, their stomach visibly protrudes outward forming a belly that looks quite like a preggers woman.

Really they are just a fatty.

Effect is enhanced by tight t-shirts.
I ate too much. I have a food baby.

I am carrying the food baby of that entire frozen pizza.
by TheMammonMachine October 11, 2009
when someone has a larger stomach which resembles being pregnant
Juno: I'm pregnant.
Friend: Are you sure it isn't a food baby?
by ninja cheerleader August 13, 2008
I'm going into labor - I'm gonna have a food baby!
by Scrops July 12, 2002
When your belly falls over your belt line.
1.Duude your food baby is getting huge, dont you think its time to go on a diet.

2.Bro what the hell did you feed your food baby today?
by Wade T. Anderson May 14, 2004
When you poop, a food baby comes out.

Dude, your food baby stopped up the terlit!
I know... I ate a giant burrito yesterday and some hummus. The labor lasted at least half an hour. I needed an epidural.
by Evian Bidet April 25, 2008