A parent-approved euphism for "fuck"
That's fonzed up!
Fonz off!
He's a fonzer
That's fonzing amazing!
I'm just fonzing around
by LanaDavis October 29, 2006
Top Definition
A Leather clad greaser who rides a motorbike and works in a Garage. Is a tenant of the Cunninghams in the Popular 1970s sitcom Happy Days, Played by Henry Winkler
FONZ - Aye Mr C, Ill bring Chachi and Potsie around for Thanksgiving Dinner

HOWARD - Ok fonz, marion will cook the turkey, Joanie will peel the spuds and richie will get the Beer

FONZ - Ayee.
by Brother Number One July 08, 2004
Fonz comes from the nick name of Fonzy from an old T.V. series called Happy Days. This word is used by me for the meaning of Cool or Good or Great. This word is a possitive use and should always be that way.
I am Fonz, My life is Fonz, Fonzy from Happy Days is Fonz.
by Ant Rice July 19, 2005
Giving a girl "The Fonz" refers to the act of ejaculating onto her face, then gesturing with two thumbs up and proclaiming the happy-days catch phrase: "Ayeeee"
Yo son, last night I totally fonzed your mom. I was like, "Ayeeee".
by AdeezyForSheezy27 January 15, 2008
A cool story or happening within one's life in which it requires the lifting of both thumbs to describe
1. Hey man I have something fonz to tell you later.

2. Yeah man that was fonz.

Note:Thumbs up hand gesture must be used
by Jumping Shark June 19, 2012
A butch lesbian who has a multitude of women hangin round.

The coolest lesbian player on the block.
As in: A gaggle of femme lesbians date the Fonz.
by createyourlife July 02, 2009
The act of ejaculating into a young woman's mouth, and then gesturing with two thumbs up, and saying, "ayyyy".
Yo, When AD fonzed Mike's whole family, he yelled " AYYYYY "
by German222222 January 15, 2008
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