A Fob who is completely clueless. Spends all day surfing the web without any purpose. A tragic case.
Oh no, look at how many Fongs are in the lab.
by Charles March 09, 2005
Top Definition
To strike or more specifically kick, taken from the film 'a knight's tale' where it is used by the character Watt (played by alan Tudyk)
I will fong you until your outsides are in, your insides are out, your entrails will become your extrails. Pain! lots of pain! (Watt to Chaucer)
by tau June 20, 2006
N. To kick the crap out of.

Taken from the movie, "A Knight's Tale", where they seem to use that word a lot. Especially Watt. And Chaucer.
"I'll fong you in the arse!"
by FlyFlySoul May 20, 2009
Verb. To beat mercilessly.

Noun. A game in which coke bottles filled with sand and duct taped beyond belief are used to fong people.
I wrecked my car, my dad is gonna fong me when he finds out...
by Brandon March 11, 2004
The combining of the words 'fat' and 'mong' to create the insult 'fong'
'Ew Amy's such a fong'
by Ingby0603 July 01, 2015
To receive an insult from someone but dish out a much more brutal action/response in return.
"Dude, I can't believe you banged that guys sister who said you looked ugly. You totally Fong'ed his ass!"
by Popsiclewillie January 25, 2015

To hit in the head any amount of times with a wadded up paper ball covered with duct tape.

Different forms: fong (the act of fonging), fonged (the act of fonging in the past), Fongler (one who fongs), Fongling Ball (the wadded up paper ball covered with duct tape that is used in the act of fonging), fongled (the term used by a person to describe the instance in which he or she was fonged), The Fongled (those who have been fonged.

Origins: Variation of the "Fong" in a Knight's Tale.
I will fong you!

Different forms: I will fong you! I fonged him yesterday! You are such a Fongler! I found the Fongling Ball! I have been fongled! They are of the Fongled.
by Nerd Girl March 17, 2008
{originating from Hong Kong}


1. making reference to wealthy Chinese men that are able to afford a lifestyle that far surpasses any logical sound financial reasoning.

2. to consistently select the best, most expensive, most sought-after, most desirable, most difficult to acquire items, without hesitation.
1. How can he afford a million dollar home in the city, drive an M3, raise 2 kids, buy his wife plasma necklaces, and buy vintage guitars without a job? - That's so Fong...

2. I don't know what to do... I really can't afford this... and I could actually get by with something cheaper and of lesser quality. - Dude,... just Fong it.
by JB.in.SD November 17, 2009

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