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One who shrugs shoulders for answers. Always gets the last laugh. Raises his eyebrow to certain statements
Yo, Fondoo what are you doing tonight? (shrugs shoulders). Why are you being a Fondoodoo? (evil laugh). Are you going to take Hennessy out? (raises eyebrow) "what?".
by Hennesey April 10, 2007
when a girl takes a crap, but before she wipes, her man rubs 1 nut around her anus rim encasing the nut in chocolatty goodness (girl fecal matter). after the nut is properly chocolafied the girl turns around and has herself a fondoo treat by sucking the nut of all the chocolatty goodness.
"Sarah came home from Taco Bell and had to take a dump. However, she wanted some dessert so she asked if we could make some fondoo"
by Jeffrow November 28, 2006