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"fear of missing out" in terms of hooking up with somebody. hooking up for fear that the opportunity will not present itself again.
Due to his fomo-sexual tendencies, Sally hooked up with the mediocre guy.
by SallyAnn Schoenfeld December 23, 2008
75 55

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a person who is sexually attracted (in most cases exclusively) to a certain female with a last name rhyming with Towman, but spelled with an F and more like the beginning of the above word. A common occurrence among GLOWers, CTYers, and MIT students.
That boy with the duck is a fomosexual.
by A.B. CTYer August 19, 2011
23 9
To act homosexual when you really aren't, usually to get attention.
Lindsey Lohan and Madonna have been fomosexual.
by Ryan W.S. October 14, 2008
14 14
The term given to a person who suffers from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
"Little Jimmy never misses a party, even when he's not in the mood, what a blatant FOMOsexual"
by Nicky T, self confessed FOMO June 19, 2009
8 12
a person who acts gay or lesbian
"she keeps saying she likes girls"
"She isn't lesbian,she is a fomosexual!!"
by billy_bob_jr February 10, 2009
6 12