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"fear of missing out" in terms of hooking up with somebody. hooking up for fear that the opportunity will not present itself again.
Due to his fomo-sexual tendencies, Sally hooked up with the mediocre guy.
by SallyAnn Schoenfeld December 23, 2008
The term given to a person who suffers from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
"Little Jimmy never misses a party, even when he's not in the mood, what a blatant FOMOsexual"
by Nicky T, self confessed FOMO June 19, 2009
To act homosexual when you really aren't, usually to get attention.
Lindsey Lohan and Madonna have been fomosexual.
by Ryan W.S. October 14, 2008
a person who is sexually attracted (in most cases exclusively) to a certain female with a last name rhyming with Towman, but spelled with an F and more like the beginning of the above word. A common occurrence among GLOWers, CTYers, and MIT students.
That boy with the duck is a fomosexual.
by A.B. CTYer August 19, 2011
a person who acts gay or lesbian
"she keeps saying she likes girls"
"She isn't lesbian,she is a fomosexual!!"
by billy_bob_jr February 10, 2009
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