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FOLK-Follow Our Last King

Once a Folk always a Folk. Tha FOLK NATION is stronger than any gang. You can stop bangin 6ut in ya heart u is always 6 . We r always loyal to our hoods. To all the real ni66as represent your shit. INP -InterNational Po66ey up in da house. Put ur staffs up and show som lov.

Never an ex FOLK only a former FOLK. 6 POPPIN JIVE DROPPIN...
We is the craziest realist ni66as u eva seen.

Da FOLK NATION will never die!
peoples nation: man u aint shit

FOLK NATION: jive droppin
by BIG MAYN January 19, 2008
F.O.L.K. Follow Our Last Kings
This for my disciples. follow our last kings. King David & King Larry B.O.S.S
by TONE December 01, 2003
da realist gang in da world of gangs. fuck slobs cuz the mighty folk r rulin now. peace king david. pitchforks 4 life niggaz
we is da best bitch
by big j December 10, 2003
the 6 poppin jive droppin realist niggaz to ever walk the streets and reppin k swiss all day
folk nation the realist nation in the history of this world
by d at 74 November 11, 2003
f.o.l.k.s. - follow (all) laws (the) king sets.
folks is meant to be an organization not a gang. lets get back to the original meaning of GD which is Growth and Development and help each other out. 6 to da sky baby. stack em tall like peter pall....yall real G's will know the rest of that.
by peter pall January 19, 2004
Forever Our Love Knowledge
by Esco January 10, 2004
to all my folks throw dem forks up 4 eternity
5 die 6 ride
by mexicano December 05, 2003
the realest nation ever 2 hit the mother fuckin block
i am a member of a set that is alligned with the folk nation
by Dirty-G October 05, 2003