FOLK-Follow Our Last King

Once a Folk always a Folk. Tha FOLK NATION is stronger than any gang. You can stop bangin 6ut in ya heart u is always 6 . We r always loyal to our hoods. To all the real ni66as represent your shit. INP -InterNational Po66ey up in da house. Put ur staffs up and show som lov.

Never an ex FOLK only a former FOLK. 6 POPPIN JIVE DROPPIN...
We is the craziest realist ni66as u eva seen.

Da FOLK NATION will never die!
peoples nation: man u aint shit

FOLK NATION: jive droppin
by BIG MAYN January 19, 2008
Top Definition
folks are a family, not some "gang" we are an orginazation. one that utilizes growth and development, education, politics, social development, and education just to name a few. as we stand upon our 6 point stance together we stand divided we fall. 6 poppin jive droppin. this is not for the weak hearted, love your 6rother as you love yourself. stay true as we walk that y.6.r. 974 till the day i die
6 poppin jive droppin keep your flag flyin the 6 on your chest and your fork in your heart. insane gangsta disciple till the day i die r.i.p. king david
by crash January 28, 2004
If I die show no pity, send my soul to gangsta city, dig a hole six feet deep and lay two staffs across my feet, put two shotguns across my chest and tell my Folks I did my best!
A yo this is the Tin Man holdin down Folks all the way down in Cali GD Love.
5 die 6 ride.
by Tin Man March 23, 2005
One of the largest organizations in America. Commonly mistaken as a street gang, but is actually an organization dedicated to the betterment of its members. Far from an organization of KKK-like members, Folk Nation is a nationwide family of brothers that discourages the typical street gang mentality, including the use of addictive substances. Folk Nation is a very strict organization, and there is much information you are required to know in order to become and remain a member.
IND, SE, BGD, GDN/GD, IGD...These are various divisions or sets.
by D3t0uR November 15, 2003
74GD is what i rep B.O.S.S(Brothers Of the Strong Struggle) growth and development. Pitchfork up.forever them 6 concepts life,loyalty,love,wisdom,knowledge,understanding)
all you fake niggas who call yourself G's and hand wit peoples and slobs this is what a real G rep. 74 til the world blow.
gangsta disiples fuck the slo6s 6 ride 5 die
Damn those folk nation gangsta disiples are some hard up niggas did you see them blast those slo6s
by Doe C Doe February 25, 2005
FOLK NATION is a term, title, and true meaningment of Brotherly Love. Folk Nation is all about a change as in Growth and Development, Guidance and Discovery, Guidance and Discipline but remembering where the G and the D originated with our 5 Kings and 2 Queens on the south side of Chicago, IL represented the Gangsta in our ancestors Disciples behind the absolute leadership of King David and King Hoover. FOLKS are expected to know a required amount of Knowledge and a mandatory six pieces. 720 LOVE, LIFE, LOYALTY, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING with a new concept of Organized Members ot this outstanding organization and no longer a gang banging mentality
Forever Our Love Konnects Strong definition of Understanding the Folk Nation.
by MAC Smooth July 10, 2006
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