Started In Chicago Then Spred Nation Wide. There are many Gangs Under FOLK NATION. LATIN DESCIPLES,MANIAC DESCIPLES,SPANISH COBRAS,BLACK GANGSTER DESCIPLES,TWO SIX,LATIN EAGLES,.Signs:SIX POINT STAR,PITCH FORKS,THE NUMBER 6,ALL FOLK NATION SYMBOLS.ALWAYS CROWN DOWN.FOLkS ARE ALOT OF GANGS COMBINED. Always Had BEEF With People Nation wich is combined with different gangs mainly The Latin Kings. This Was Major In The 80S,And Some Early 90S.I Know in MIAMI Latin Desciples And Latin Kings Died out in the mid 90s.Folk Nation is still strong in other states.
I usto be in a gang called latin desciples under folk nation back in the days but im a humble brother now.I grew out of that.
by BORICUA123 March 24, 2007
Divine Individual Struggle Circle the 360 degreez of pure knowledge Insane Power Live Everlasting peace among our nation
This the tru definition of a disciple
-6 poppin jive droppin fucc hooks n sloBKs-
High Rizer Folk strait out tha Drain Michigan
D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E thats wat the fucc it mean Folk Nation
by Dub B June 11, 2008
FOLK-Follow Our Last King

Once a Folk always a Folk. Tha FOLK NATION is stronger than any gang. You can stop bangin 6ut in ya heart u is always 6 . We r always loyal to our hoods. To all the real ni66as represent your shit. INP -InterNational Po66ey up in da house. Put ur staffs up and show som lov.

Never an ex FOLK only a former FOLK. 6 POPPIN JIVE DROPPIN...
We is the craziest realist ni66as u eva seen.

Da FOLK NATION will never die!
peoples nation: man u aint shit

FOLK NATION: jive droppin
by BIG MAYN January 19, 2008
A bunch of retarded white boys from the suburbs who think they're tuff.
Did you hear about the folk nation member who tried to approach a real gang member? Honky got his head scooped clean off
by MitchellCinder January 27, 2015
An affiliation of gangs that was formed in Chicago. Their members mostly consist of bitch ass niggas. These niggas like to run their mouth a lot. FOLK stands fo "Fear Of Latin Kings".
A example of a gang in the Folk Nation is the Gangster Disciples or a "donut". They're are more bitch gangs in this pussy click.
by Amo De Rey August 05, 2010
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