F.O.L.K. Follow Our Last Kings
This for my disciples. follow our last kings. King David & King Larry B.O.S.S
by TONE December 01, 2003
da realist gang in da world of gangs. fuck slobs cuz the mighty folk r rulin now. peace king david. pitchforks 4 life niggaz
we is da best bitch
by big j December 10, 2003
f.o.l.k.s. - follow (all) laws (the) king sets.
folks is meant to be an organization not a gang. lets get back to the original meaning of GD which is Growth and Development and help each other out. 6 to da sky baby. stack em tall like peter pall....yall real G's will know the rest of that.
by peter pall January 19, 2004
the 6 poppin jive droppin realist niggaz to ever walk the streets and reppin k swiss all day
folk nation the realist nation in the history of this world
by d at 74 November 11, 2003
to all my folks throw dem forks up 4 eternity
5 die 6 ride
by mexicano December 05, 2003
Forever Our Love Knowledge
by Esco January 10, 2004
the realest nation ever 2 hit the mother fuckin block
i am a member of a set that is alligned with the folk nation
by Dirty-G October 05, 2003

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