Started In Chicago Then Spred Nation Wide. There are many Gangs Under FOLK NATION. LATIN DESCIPLES,MANIAC DESCIPLES,SPANISH COBRAS,BLACK GANGSTER DESCIPLES,TWO SIX,LATIN EAGLES,.Signs:SIX POINT STAR,PITCH FORKS,THE NUMBER 6,ALL FOLK NATION SYMBOLS.ALWAYS CROWN DOWN.FOLkS ARE ALOT OF GANGS COMBINED. Always Had BEEF With People Nation wich is combined with different gangs mainly The Latin Kings. This Was Major In The 80S,And Some Early 90S.I Know in MIAMI Latin Desciples And Latin Kings Died out in the mid 90s.Folk Nation is still strong in other states.
I usto be in a gang called latin desciples under folk nation back in the days but im a humble brother now.I grew out of that.
by BORICUA123 March 24, 2007
Top Definition
folks are a family, not some "gang" we are an orginazation. one that utilizes growth and development, education, politics, social development, and education just to name a few. as we stand upon our 6 point stance together we stand divided we fall. 6 poppin jive droppin. this is not for the weak hearted, love your 6rother as you love yourself. stay true as we walk that y.6.r. 974 till the day i die
6 poppin jive droppin keep your flag flyin the 6 on your chest and your fork in your heart. insane gangsta disciple till the day i die r.i.p. king david
by crash January 28, 2004
If I die show no pity, send my soul to gangsta city, dig a hole six feet deep and lay two staffs across my feet, put two shotguns across my chest and tell my Folks I did my best!
A yo this is the Tin Man holdin down Folks all the way down in Cali GD Love.
5 die 6 ride.
by Tin Man March 23, 2005
G.D. throw up dem 6 points to da sky FUCC SLOBKs kill em all
Gangsta Disciple
One of the largest organizations in America. Commonly mistaken as a street gang, but is actually an organization dedicated to the betterment of its members. Far from an organization of KKK-like members, Folk Nation is a nationwide family of brothers that discourages the typical street gang mentality, including the use of addictive substances. Folk Nation is a very strict organization, and there is much information you are required to know in order to become and remain a member.
IND, SE, BGD, GDN/GD, IGD...These are various divisions or sets.
by D3t0uR November 15, 2003
74GD is what i rep B.O.S.S(Brothers Of the Strong Struggle) growth and development. Pitchfork up.forever them 6 concepts life,loyalty,love,wisdom,knowledge,understanding)
all you fake niggas who call yourself G's and hand wit peoples and slobs this is what a real G rep. 74 til the world blow.
gangsta disiples fuck the slo6s 6 ride 5 die
Damn those folk nation gangsta disiples are some hard up niggas did you see them blast those slo6s
by Doe C Doe February 25, 2005
F.O.L.K. Follow Our Last Kings
This for my disciples. follow our last kings. King David & King Larry B.O.S.S
by TONE December 01, 2003

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