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fake expensive watch as in, faux (french for fake)Rolex, faux-lex, folex
check out homeboy's folex
by rick August 29, 2003
Fake Rolex watch usually sold by creepy smelly guys in crowded cities most commonly homeless people, always refered to as "real" by the seller.
ewwww!! who smells?? oh its the guy with the Folex probably homeless too.

Person: "Hey can i have a folex"
Homeless Guy: "Shit! deese b reals"
by Pepe Miller May 27, 2005
an imitation rolex. correctly spelled "faux-lex" (for the people that originally wrote this definition, faux means fake)
I got this sweet silver and black submariner faux-lex from the asian guy at the flea-market.
by nischt April 16, 2005
A reply to a question given by a black guy.
When asked for whom he's buying a gift, the black guy said,
"It be fo Lex."
some 1 who likes 2 buy fake shit and wear it of as real shit
she/he tinks der heavy wid there folex
by tigger April 16, 2005
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