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It’s name derived from the 'folding poem', a Foldie is a collaborative internet video project where each director sends the next director a certain portion of his/her video clip in order to produce one complete short story or sketch.
In this semester's foldie project, each director will see the last eight seconds of the preceding director's 30-second video.
by Joel Redelback March 28, 2012
A sandwich made from a single piece of bread, folded over.

Not to be confused with "a half a sandwich", as foldies naturally taste better due to their unique construction and title.
Hey dude, I brought some egg salad but I'm short on bread, want a foldie?
by Blaine-O July 09, 2009
Sexual relations with the folded over skin of a morbidly obese man or woman.
Don's gut has gotten so big he is able to give himself a foldie.
by Uniblob October 20, 2006
A contraction of "Fat" and "Oldie" -- meaning one of those grumbling, fat old people that fill up that belovedly flawed island called "Britain". They can usually be found in couples riding bikes or on cruise ships. The females of the species tend to sport short, dyed ginger hair, yellow tinted glasses and woefully tasteless clothes. Their husbands (A person with whom "fold" women make a pact never to have sexual intercourse with) are more often then not called George, and are tall and skinny with massive ears and shrivelled faces. They also have a penchant for either gold or fishing depending on the specimen.
Elliot: Hey Pete, check out those foldies over there! Naaaaaasty!
Pete: Ewww, gross! Those legs.... Yuckaroo!
by Versipellis May 29, 2009

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