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After falacio has been preformed in the front seat of your car, you ejaculate in her eyes, punch her in the face, toss her out of the car, and drive home alone.
"dude, I heard you got head last night!"

"yea, but she was a biter."

"That sucks"

"yea, I know, so let her take a foggy walk home"
by StevethePirate15 May 17, 2007

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A sexual act; when you cum in a girls' eye and send her out the door. With or without her clothes. I suppose that's up to you.
You: "My girlfriend was being such a bitch last night."
Me: "Really? What did you do?"
You: "I gave her a foggy walk home!"
Me: "Hahaha, that's funny."
by Robyn Hannah May 26, 2007