A popular area in Washington, DC, home to George Washington University. Not to be confused with Faggy Bottom, an area in Washington, DC near Dupont Circle!
To get to GWU, take the Metro Orange Line to the Foggy Bottom station.

To get to Faggy Bottom, take the Metro Red Line to Dupont Circle.

by BigBird1017 March 31, 2008
Top Definition
1. Area of Washington DC
2. Microbrew
3. Sweaty, itchy ass that accompanies wlking around all day in the hot sun
I was heading down to Foggy Bottom to have a pint of Foggy Bottom, but had to return home to clean-up my foggy bottom.
by teleologist February 05, 2003
a creampie that has been left unattended for a prolonged period of time, and consequently gains a layer of milky film on top of the asshole or vagina.
A while after Mark gave Sarah a creampie, she got a foggy bottom while they were watching a movie.
by wesleyyyyy October 11, 2015
the act, or condition resulting from the act whereupon, during or after anal sex, the male (or female with a false appendage of any type or variety) removes the penis or other object and wipes any resultant fecal matter onto the buttocks of his or her partner, thereupon giving the partner a "foggy bottom"
Last night while butt-porking Suzi, we worked up a good sweat and the sheen off her ass from the overhead light was giving me a headache, so I gave her a foggy bottom to cut down on the glare.
by jagdgeschwader March 11, 2009
When you are eating out a girl who has a yeast infection but it is so nasty that you throw up all over her vagina; but proceed to have sex with her anyway after that.
I did the foggy bottom with that skank last night.
by hotcarl7654 December 04, 2007
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