Sometimes, when you and your lady friend are gettin freaky, and she butt naked, and yous butt naked, you gotta do the fog cutter. this is when that biznatch gettin too frisky fo yo gangsta ass, u gotta pull out the tricks. the "fog cutter" is the act of takin yo rock hard ass fist, and shovin it up her stank ass like it aint no thizzang!
Girl, u betta watch yoself befo i give u da fog cutter!
by T BONER February 24, 2003
Top Definition
An alcoholic beverage which, when consumed at a quick pace, leads to near-immediate loss of memory, disorderly conduct, and indiscriminant sexual encounters. Prolonged consumption may result in lunacy, marijuana and other drug addictions, departure onto the Bones Gate FSP, or degradation into a soil.

Also known as: cutter, (u++er, cooter.
I drank five fogcutters at BG last night...damn I blacked out hard. Apparently I hooked up with a grim chick, hosed her bed, tried to steal one of Chi Gam's tables and then got caught by H-Po. I woke up naked in a jail cell with a guy named Bruce asking me if I'd meet him at the truck stop on I-91 tomorrow night. I hitchhiked back to Hanover after stealing some cardboard from a nearby church, and then had another cutter when I got back to BG.
by nehdi August 06, 2004
(n.) Referring to a particularly voracious fart, the odor of which is powerful enough to arouse detection even by those with severe nasal congestion, or an otherwise compromised sense of smell (i.e. someone shopping at Bath & Body Works).
"Oh, man. Sam had Taco Bell last night and he was letting out some real fog cutters. Even I could smell them and I haven't been able to smell my own cheek blasters for a week!"
by Teen Wolf 2000 September 15, 2011
^^^^that really hurts...bad
by hoodrat April 24, 2003
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