Stands for, Fat Over the Dick Area. Refers to the massive gut hanging over a man's penis.
Gus hasn't seen his penis in years, due to his F.O.D.A.
by YIMHOT May 30, 2007
Top Definition
The act of fucking (i.e. foder) (Portuguese slang)

It is never used as an insult (you cannot call someone a "foda"); however, it generally considered to be a very rude word.

In Brazil, "foda" has a much broader range of meanings, and does not carry such a negative connotation. Please refer to a brazilian definition of this word for more details on its usage.
Um filme de foda - a fuck film

Mandei-lhe uma ganda foda!, disse o Tiago - I fucked her brains out, said Tiago.

Estás com falta de foda. - What you need is to get laid.
by New Marquis de Carabas September 13, 2005
FODA, or Fear of Dying Alone, is a broad spectrum of symptoms experienced by females with onset typically in their mid- to late-twenties. As women become aware that they are aging, and their biological clock is running out, the become aware of the imminent decline of their youth and fear of potentially never acquiring a mate and thus dying alone, hence FODA. Early-onset FODA is a sub-diagnosis referring to FODA initiated at an even younger age due to the female's female friends entering long-term relationships while they remain single, making them think they are not desirable to males. FODA symptoms can include general dating and sexual desperation, such as pursuit of males outside of their typical standards, age range, or cultural predilections. Some warning signs are texting the day immediately following a defiling one-night stand with a stranger with whom little conversation was had. FODA theory was developed and first researched by Dr. Deus Calhoun after a series of field case studies. The DSM has yet to include it.
S. M., an anonymous case, hunted down the phone number of the previous night's analinguist regardless of not having even seen him in the dark room. Classic FODA.
by Dr. Calhoun December 10, 2012
Fuck in Portuguese
Fodas! Eu sou tolo! (Fuck! I'm so stupid!)
by Filarmonica March 21, 2011
fear of dying alone
Now that I am single and 30, I'm having really bad foda.
by hallow11 May 21, 2013
fuck off dumb ass <---that's the definition
FODA see definition.<---that's the example
by 51RB03 November 05, 2007
Being of supreme or uber greatness, like Laz
"Laz is so uber cool out the foda"
by Hanah January 16, 2005
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