“PimpFishy” is a rebellious, ignorant, hateful twit who knows nothing about this organization, its founder or its beliefs. He thinks it’s a “dangerous” organization just because it’s the anithesis of his belief system-- or lack thereof. Instead, Focus on the Family is a nonprofit Christian counciling, parachurch organization founded by author and psychologist, Dr. James Dobson, and based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a proponent of the fundamentalist Christian movement in the United States that embraces and teaches family values, fidelity in marriage, the father as the leader of the home, Christian ideals for raising a family, school-sponsored prayer and corporal punishment—all matters supported in the Bible. Some of the core promotional activities of the organization include a daily nationally-syndicated radio broadcast by Dobson and his colleagues that provides free family counseling and resources, and publishes a variety of magazines, videos, and audio recordings. So what if the Organization supports right-wing, conservative Republican ideals? This is America, isn’t it?

Just because this organization does not support pornography, gay marriage (and anything promoting the gay agenda), sodomy, the homosexual lifestyle, premarital and extramarital sex and abortion, does not mean it promotes hatred and intolerance toward anyone—that is stupid! Anyone who thinks so is a moron and very misguided.

Focus on the Family is a nonprofit Christian organization that promotes the family and Christian principles. Liberals hate this organization and bad mouth it becuase it's the antithesis to their misguided ideals and beliefs.
by krock1dk May 24, 2008

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