for sure;positive;exact going to or gonna
me:hey you comin to da party this sataday?
friend:oh fo sho wid it ill be there
by julie October 08, 2004
'hip' word for for sure. mostly used with sarcasam
person1: i hooked up with jessica alba last night
person2: fo sho and i had sex with the queen

{sarcasam used}
by random-persons September 10, 2006
That thing thas real good
Damn nucka that bitch is fo sho fire. I wanna get that ass clappin like Pakistan.
by PSXy April 09, 2005
A term that is an agreement to anything. Also known as fasho, fosho, oh fo sho.
I'm dipping fasho.
by Ja December 09, 2002

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