a ghettto way of saying for sure
me: thats song was awsome
getto friend: FO SHO!
by brightside August 23, 2004
A) A phrase that means: most definitely, without a doubt, that's my word
B) another way to say "for sure"
D: There's a party at my cousin's house. Wanna go crash it?
K: Fo sho!
by Merriweather July 13, 2006
1. used for confirmation of a positive vote on the urbandictionary website.
You voted thumbs up for "faggots without practice" . It will be added soon. Then you click "fo sho".
by HappyHenry35 June 16, 2004
it means straight up, or yeah
Yo, look at that guys body, ain't it ripped?
fo sure
by Jackpot September 12, 2004
mean your down for whatever
You rollin with us to Kayla Crib...fo-sho
by Carlemo January 29, 2004
this is the wrong way of saying it... as the correct pronunciation is "f'sho". there are stupid white trash and preppy ppl that like to try and act cool so they say it "fo sho" trying to be ghetto... which sounds so stupid as ur not supposed to make the "fo" sound and instead a short "fi".
snoop: yo nigga wuddup wit dat trippy ass joint you just fed me playa?!
em: ay man dis shits purple haze dawg, im feeln it already!
50: f'sho nigga!
by raidaz4lyf March 10, 2005
Word used by "hommies" meaning "for sure"
Hommie #1: Shit...I'd like to tap that ass!
Homie #2: Fo Sho!
by ChrisTitusIsHot June 07, 2003

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