1-another word for yeah

2-another word say that that outfit is for only show
1-"you cumin' to the party tonite ?" "fo-sho "

2-"that jacket is fo-sho "
"what u mean ?"
"i mean that you only wear it because you want to show off and i know you cold"
by storm1 February 24, 2007
A shot to the head.

It is said in the tv show Gangland when Do was describing a way to do a hit.
"We had a, uh two guys, we called them Double Trouble. One person would hit you in the body, which would drop you, and the other person would put the what we call the fo' sho'."
by daboodeef179 September 23, 2011
Fo' sho' is used in gangs describing when one puts a bullet in another persons head.
I put my chrome to his dome and i fo' sho'd his ass.
by pacman004 October 29, 2010
Despite popular belief, the "Fo' Sho'" is actually a shot to the head by rival gangs.
Deliver the Fo' Sho' to that fucker.
by FSW777 May 08, 2010
For sure, definitely, indeed
I'll be at your house at 6 o'clock fo sho.
by D. Dubya July 12, 2015
it mainly means for sure , it can also mean why not , yeah , okay , why not .

basically anything in the 'yes' column .
dude , do you want this hamburger ?
fo'sho man !
by omg , really ? May 25, 2009
a short blonde ho who puts out and has to put other people down and do anything to get attention.
"look at that short short girl on the street corner! she's very blonde and she has a bubble butt...what a fos ho"
by Eryn July 22, 2004
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