for sure or a short way of saying for sure, fosho, fosho.
yo, you gonna be at dat party?
Ohhh, fosho
by kllygall123 November 27, 2007
The best way to say yes,okay,fine,alrite,definetly,sure and hell yea.
Andrey:Yo Vlad you want to play some football?
Vlad:Fo Sho!
by Andre April 25, 2005
Commonly used as a word for "For Sure" or Yes I Agree fully.
Cracker1: Yoh! I'd tap that ass anyday.
Wannabe Cracker: Fo' Sho!
by Shak April 18, 2003
for sure
this burrito is fucking champ!
fo'sho !
by sara February 21, 2004
cool, for sure, i understand, yes
Are we still going to the movies?

Fo' Sho'
by ladycasanova00 March 17, 2003
Urban version of 'for sure'.
"You comin to dat big partay tonight ma brutha?"
"Yeahh fo sho dawg!"
by Shai Green May 23, 2008
anotha way to say yes
Billy: That concert was tight, son!

Bob: Fo' sho
by Jassy O July 16, 2006
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