For sure my n-word. (Yes.)
Bill: You wanna go to tha party Friday?
Ted: Fo shizzle my nizzo.
by Mary September 11, 2003
a variation of "fo shizzle ma nizzle"
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
For Shit My Nigger. Also.Known.As: For Real My Nigger or Fo' Real Ma' Nigger.
Man#1: owns! Man#2: fo shizzle my nizzo
by joseph martinez September 09, 2003
Term of endearment, ackgnowledging a good idea or act. Ebonics for "for sure my n***er".
"You wanna go rob some white kids?"
"fo shizzle my nizzo"
by Tical September 09, 2003
For real my nigger. Typically used by white idiots who don't understand what it means.
fo shizzle my nizzo, dat bizatch be fine, yo.
by allie* September 08, 2003
A slang term meaning : 'For sure my ni**a'
"We up for tonight dawg?"
-"fo shizle my nizzo"
by BillieBee September 07, 2003
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