For sure
super cool
"man thats so f**king foshizzle i cant take it!"
by Bobby Box December 21, 2012
A common word meaning cool, fricken awesome, or totally.
Wanna come to the movies with me? FOSHIZZLE YEAH!
by DOLPHINSUCKER June 03, 2011
Pronounced FAUX-SHIZZLE. The only word used by wangster's (whether they be white or 'wanna-be') that sounds epic and is used under the context of a joke. Using this word will not make you seem 'uncool', but rather just as a 'jokester' and you will be trendy and shizz instead of lame...
Steve: "did you see that creep?"

'Supposed You': Foshizzle! Wha'zzzzup wi't' 'dat'?

Steve: YOU are so funny!
by Angry Russian December 03, 2010
The word to replace any Verb.
I'm going to foshizzle! Be back from the track at say...5?
by Vidbro November 25, 2010
the ghetto version of sayin for sure...
fo shizzle my nizzle shit soundin ill
by ::PaTiEnCe:: March 28, 2003
(noun) to have a foshizzle is to have a good time at Christmas.
Hope you have a foshizzle man!
by Elftastic123 December 28, 2011
what losers say when they think they are cool. chances are, they don't even know what it means. they just stick it in random place in a sentence to be cool.

it really mean like, "for sure" though.
normal person: hey wanna hang out?
"cool" person:yo fo shizzle hizzle like fo shizzle....
normal person: is that a yes?
"cool" person: fo shizzle!
normal person thinking: what a loser!
by CrazyCatLover April 29, 2006

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