greeting term used by african american ghetto dwellers, or by those who wish they were
rich boy#1: yo, fo shizzle
other: dude, thats just pathetic
by br December 11, 2003
Usually used in conjunction with "nizzle", both words where invented by rapper Snoop Doggie Dogg. Instead fo saying what was used until then, "Fo' sure, my nigga.", he created the phrase "Fo' Shizzle my Nizzle"
"Dude, did you get the tapes?"
"Fo' Shizzle my Nizzle."
by Major Mandess August 11, 2003
For Sure

As said by Snoop himself -

Fo shizzle: This has many different meanings. It means for real, for sure. I'll use it in a sentence to let you better understand, check this out: " 'Doggy Fizzle Televizzle' is gonna be off the hizzle, fo' shizzle."
Yankee's smell, Fo'shizzle
by Sudd February 26, 2005
for sure
foshizzle my nizzle!
by d-shiznit November 15, 2003
For sure, definitely, no doubt ... emanating from the "iggity style" language made popular by the Double Dutch Bus song, Das EFX and brought back out by Snoop
Ques: Is that yo baby momma?
Ans: Fo' shizzle
by Moreno August 18, 2003
1. A "trendy" slang term made up by Snoop Dog meaning "For sure" and all that jazz.

2. A term that people use to TRY to be trendy, like rich nerds.

3. A term someone uses to annoy the shit out of you because the term gets very annoying when repeated.
1. Person A: Wanna hit the mall later?
Person B: Fo shizzle!

2. Nerd A: Did you read about that HP
Pavillion 4000 laptop,
Nerd B: For shizzle, bitch!

3. Person A: Fo shizzle!
Person B: Shut the hell up, that
word is so old!
Person A: Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle Fo shizzle!
by PeriwinkleMuffin June 09, 2005
Another contraction used by illiterate street trash. It is 'street' lingo meaning, "for sure". Only useful for making fun of said trash.
Q: My good fellow, are you a cock-gobbling, manjam sucking, illiterate seal clubber who uses nothing but slang to vainly try and communicate with your elders and betters?

A: Fo' shizzle!
by The Drizzle January 30, 2005

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