Urban slang meanig "for sure" or "You know it"
Are you going to the poop dog concert?
Ohh... ...Foshizle meing!!!
by Baddy Daddy October 16, 2003
Top Definition
Definitely. From snoopified "for sure". Often used in preceding "my nizzle" as in "for sure, brother".
Q: "Wanna hit dis?"
A: "Fo shizle, my nizzle. Light it up!"
by Anonymous April 02, 2003
absolutely,positively and without a doubt
"Are there hooker's on figueroa?"
fo shizle my nizzle.
by darktooth211 February 11, 2003
(or "Fo' Sho") For sure
"Iz u crunk?" "Fo' Sho!" -or- Fo' Shizle my Nizle
by gangstah September 14, 2006
Yo mom
gangsta1;yo gangsta wanna fuck my mom at the used car lot
Gangsta2; fo shizle dizle that would be off the hizle my nizle
by nigga November 09, 2003

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