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Meaning for sure, yes or okay.

Also known as "fo shizzel" or "fo shizzy".
He's getting it tonight... fo shiz.
by G Lish April 23, 2005
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the ultimate saying to complete a wankster (white gangster, also a syn for wigger), white chocolate or other gangster want to be mock.
Means either for sure or for shit.
"Fo shiz, that was tight."
"Ah, fo shiz, I am sooooo busted!"
by SW#1 June 20, 2005
a universal word that can mean just about anything. often used in trying to convince someone or not believe.
"like foshiz man , she did not just do that!"

"foshiz, she really did make out with that student teacher!"

also can mean really
by nikk lessard January 02, 2009
to say as fer sure or to sound like a b.a.m.f. of b.a.
Huffsicle:good times

Savannah:and great oldies

Huffsicle:fo shizzzzzzzzzz
by savannahbananaboo May 16, 2008

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