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Cool, No doubt, or ok
Dawn: I'm going to the mall to get new clothes.
David:Fo' Shig! I want to go.
David: Yea I want to go shopping with you.
by Jungle Thingy September 04, 2009
(or fo shiggity)- yes, for sure.
"will you go to the game with me?" "fo shigs."
by lauren August 30, 2003
used for confirmation, or exclamation.
similar to fa sho, and foshizzle.

also used in combination with "nigg" such as:
foshig my nigg
dude 1: Let's go get drunk!!

dude 2: FOSHIG!!!!

also used in combination with "nigg" such as:

dude 1: that chick is hot

dude 2: foshig my nigg
by Derrick Broze June 26, 2008