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used for confirmation, or exclamation.
similar to fa sho, and foshizzle.

also used in combination with "nigg" such as:
foshig my nigg
dude 1: Let's go get drunk!!

dude 2: FOSHIG!!!!

also used in combination with "nigg" such as:

dude 1: that chick is hot

dude 2: foshig my nigg
by Derrick Broze June 26, 2008
(or fo shiggity)- yes, for sure.
"will you go to the game with me?" "fo shigs."
by lauren August 30, 2003
Cool, No doubt, or ok
Dawn: I'm going to the mall to get new clothes.
David:Fo' Shig! I want to go.
David: Yea I want to go shopping with you.
by Jungle Thingy September 04, 2009