heaven on earth; incredible; almost impossible to believe; Amsterdam
Hey Trey-
Did you hear the Dutch will be placing a ban on cigarette smoking in July 2008? It's the "No smoking allowed, unless it's marijuana" law.
Trey - fo' real?
by krischicki July 10, 2008
You won the lottery! FO REAL?
by Da Shizzle December 23, 2003
Term/Name used to describe/to call Jake Graydon, derauged from the steez and way he acts when he is under the influence of Guiedo (see Marijuana)
"Yo Fo-Real, wats the steez yo?"
"Hey is he Fo-Real right now?"
"He is Fo-Real"
by R-Dub-B November 10, 2003
its real. or in other words, "for real"
Yo, fo real I was at dat club last night
by DJ Kono July 18, 2003
the state of being serious
"Yo boy, you Foreal?"

"In all serisousnesssss r u for seriousness foreal?"
by Ben B. B. February 18, 2009
Not five real. That would be too many.
Fo real:
Nigga 1: yeeeah I tapped that!
Nigga 2: five real?
Nigga 1:you trippin?
by Micah H January 22, 2006
when someone tells you something, and u dont believe it..
Stephanie-i went to the club n picked up a hussler

Brandi-Fo Real???!
by Brandi October 22, 2004

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