Fix One Fuck One when making changes to a software program
When software developers fix something they often break something else. That last fix was a real FOFO
by Software Guru April 15, 2008
Standardised teaching term protocol.
Acronym for:

"Fuck Off (and) Find Out."
Student: What the hell do these errors mean?!
Lecturer: FOFO.
Student: What the fuck?! ::walks off and grumbles about sarcastic lecturers::
by Phyre February 28, 2005
The word origanated from Miramonte High School football team when The Matt Diefenbach number 44 played running back on the team. He pwn3d the leage.
You know me,number Fo Fo
by Diefenbach February 17, 2005
1. Short for father-fucker... I believed I had one of these all through my childhood... I was probably right. Unbelieveably strict and bitchy person... you don't want to live with one.
2. Mother (or anyone else who fucks father constantly)
'You fofo!'
'Yep, my mom's a real fofo. Condoms are always on her grocery list.'
by Anonymous Weirdo July 24, 2004
A "fofo" is what happens when you drink too much caffeine, and you try to type "food". It sounded rather sexual.
Master Phinnaeus: I want fofo.
Master Phinnaeus: ...
Master Phinnaeus: FOOD.
Travis: I'll be your fofo. ;)
Master Phinnaeus: ;)
by Master Phinnaeus March 26, 2005
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