Slang for a .44 magnum, a device designed so that castrati can know what it feels like to have balls.
Thug Wannabe: Ima plug yo' ass wit' a fo' fo', beeeotch. Cuz I don't gots the balls to fight you wit' my fists, young.

Unassuming Business Man: *Grabs wannabe thug, knees him in the stomach, hurls him to the pavement, then curbs his ass, takes his cash, and poops on his chest*
by BennyC November 30, 2006
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a .44 pistol
"Gettin G's, packin heat, bringin havoc to the fuckin streets
Nobody knows why he took a fo'-fo'
and loaded up on the whole front row"-tupac
by evilskull February 02, 2004
fourty four caliber pistol
Get caught talking to popo (what you say to him son?)
They hit you with the fofo (blaow,
that's right)
by Aaron December 14, 2003
"Fours" is the name used to refer to a certain type of rim (hubcap), made of wire, in 1984 (where the "four" comes from). They have a fairly distinctive shape, sticking out from the wheel.

The rims are now extremely expensive and rare, having been discontinued. This type of rim is especially popular in Houston.

The term fo' fo's was popularized in the song Still Tippin by Mike Jones Feat. Slim Thug and Paul Wall. Tippin means to cruise from side to side in your car, so if you're tippin on fo' fo's, you're cruising around on your really expensive, rare wire rims.
"Still tippin on fo' fo's" (chorus from Still Tippin' by Mike Jones)
by E-dogg March 25, 2005
.44 Caliber Handgun (IE. Desert Eagle, Revolver)
we don't cater to you hoes
Fuck with me, have a hundred motherfuckers at yo' do',
with fo'-fo's

2pac- Deadly combination
by AC December 15, 2003
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