fo shizzle my nizzle:

Thought to mean "For Sure my African-American Brother"

but really means:

Oh. She's Ill? My niece ill?

(a line spoken by Walter Jessop in the play "All for One" by German Playright Hienrich Schmidt, when translated into english it sounds like fo' shizzle my nizzle when spoken fast.)
Mispronounciation: fo shizzle my nizzle
by phil March 08, 2005
Thats right ma nigga.The term used primarily by african-americans. if a white boy uses it, hes liable to get a beat down.
Black man 1. yo nigga, you want some

Balck man 2. Fo shizzle my nizzle!
by taylor March 11, 2004
Agreeing with somethin
A raise would be good.
Fo shizzle my nizzle!
by Dirty September 16, 2003
Sure, you are my puppy dog!
Can i pea on a fire hydrant?

Fo Shizzle My Nizzle... make it fizzle
by Anonymous June 07, 2003
for sure, my nigga
Was Kobe set up?

Fo shizzle my nizzle
by Mackamillion September 08, 2003
mean "for sure my nigga"

also used by black people so white people wont know what they r sayin but now that they know it we need 2 make new words


person 1: "u wanna chill?"
person 2: "fo shizzle my nizzle"
person 1: "fo sho"
by Christina March 04, 2005
For real, my friend.
Tom: Was the shizzle on the flip sizzle, wizzle?
Jerry: Fo shizzle, my nizzle.
by Jobot September 06, 2003

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