It comes from the greek expression "sysomi i isla" which means the whole island together.

It was a chant that the greek soldiers on the aegean islands were shouting when they were defending them against the Turks.
Elli and Stavros chanted that they were fo' shizzle my nizzle.
by spalks June 26, 2010
used to express feelings of concurence meaning sure my nigga.
person1: whaz up nigga?
person 2: nuttin dogg.
person1:u wanna go smoke a jizzle?
person2: fo shizzle my nizzle.
by bob April 16, 2005
its means fo real ma nigga.
-are half of these definitions writtin by a bunch of ingnant crackas?

-fo shizzle ma nizzle
by speedy_claxton November 09, 2003
Means 'For sure, my nigga'
'Are you ready for this party?'
'Fo shizzle, my nizzle!'
by Catz September 15, 2003
fo shizzle my nizzle
for sure my nigga
Andrew:you goin' to the store
Rasheem:fo shizzle my nizzle
by Shamrock a.k.a your gurls bestfriend September 14, 2003
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