For sure my nigga...
Should only be used by NOBODY.
Whitey 1:Are you going to shut the fuck up tonight?
Whitey 2: Fo' shizzle my nizzle

Blackey 1:Ya gonna B gettin wit dat ho dis night mah also ignorant N dupid nigga?
Blackey 2:Fo' shizzle mah... <abrupt stop because my sword just lobbed his head off>

Me: Please Suge kill yourself
Suge: aight foo I done already been trien to do dat fo ya see I is in da hood an I's dun no how ta do tings right, werd.
by Nataservant June 30, 2004
uummmmm.... doesnt anyone remember the song Double Dutch Bus? listen to it sometime. snoop is tha jinkiest
by iloveallblackwoman April 05, 2003
yo, let me bust this flow now, huh damn this ganga got me like wow, so while i toke, ill lay down a definition, skip a choke, ill pack the heat, make the this site sizzle, so listen up learn from a this dizzle, shit u think all i know is using them words- bizzle rizzle mizzle, fuck, i help snoop sharpen his rhymes with my lyrical chisel, my shit wont fizzle, damn right i keep the game tight, i got these lines from time to time, give it wut i got, blow ur mind, all i need is a sac with a dime, pull out a j, and just smoke away, u know how i rep, cuz i chill in the city by the bay all day everyday, sf repping, aint got no haters steppin, down here in cali we roll big with the thc, westcoast forever its the mothafucking way to be, so yo i best be out the do' holla back less you be whack cuz u know i can spit at ur game, just dont be tame, im not playin, bring on the rain avoid the light drizzle, holla, fo' shizzle my nizzle
by mynizzle April 24, 2003
the act of lightly tounging someones naval
Dude: Dudes, last night after the movies, Monica actually shizzled my nizzle!

Dudes friends: No way!
by Mike OS June 09, 2003

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