Sound god awful, but really is a slum-ization of of course my African American friend.
Fo Shizzie
by Homefrog January 29, 2004
An urban slang rendering of a common phrase in real estate, "For Sale By Owner."
Fo' Shizzle My Nizzle:
3 bedroom, 2 bath cape cod in desirable neighborhood. Close to schools, parks, and shopping. Asking $149,900.

request for deletion of definition from rancidmonkey:"This definition could not be correct. Real Estate agents, urban or otherwise, would never use slang to advertise. The meaning is also too formal to ever be used in everday conversation, such a word rendered in slang would be."
by rancidmonkey May 23, 2003
It means that we gonna keep it crack-a-lackin.
Homie#1 "Yo, dogg, let's score some wizzle and smoke us a jizzle."
Homie#2 "Fo' shizzle my nizzle."
Homie#1 "Chuch."
by Doggy Fizzle May 10, 2003
check it playboy its ya main man danbizzle, fo shizzle my nizzle basicly means for sure or in my language fa sho cuz.
You goin to red's later on daniel? Oh fo shizzle my nizzle
by DanBizzle March 19, 2005
For sure, my nigga. Should only be used by a black person, to a black person - unless you want your ass kizzled. Variations acceptable for use by whitey include:

fo' shizzle my sizzle = For sure, my sister.
fo' shizzle my bizzle = For sure, my brother.
Yes sir, Suge sir. Right away sir. = Please Suge, don't kill me.
Whitey 1: Hey man, are you going to the club tonight?
Whitey 2: Fo' shizzle, my bizzle. Right after I watch the game on my televizzle.
Whitey 1: Sorry Suge sir, don't kill him.
by udc March 12, 2003
fo' shizzle my nizzle was origianally pattented by Martha Stewart, a white woman, and not a black man. While basking in the wonderfully spagetti she had just had, which contained home-grown mushrooms, she happened to decide to work in the garden. She needed her "shizzle" or aka "shovel" to work with her "nizzle" aka "nutmeg".
Martha: Fo' shizzle my nizzle. (i need the shovel for my nutmeg)
by Marion June 02, 2003
Fo shizzle my nizzle is a phrase people often use in life. Mostly meaning "fo sho homes". Most people tend to address the nigs as creating this phrase when in fact no one nows who made up the phrase, nigs claimed it as theirs because they think it meant "fo sho, mah nigga" though in many cases this is proven false.
DUDE 1: Dude! Did you jus' throw a friggin' brick at my windshield?!
DUDE 2:Yea! That is fo' shizzle my nizzle, i threw the brick at ur car!
by anonymousbob October 06, 2005

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