it will happen, for sure
R u going to her house?
yeah.imma hit that fo sho
by samoa February 09, 2008
"For sure"; ok; it's agreed.

Used in agreement.
Bill: Yo goin' to tha game tonight?
Bob: Fo sho.
by Sontino November 30, 2005
for sure; definetly; no doubt
Kevin: Do you want to have sex with me?
Me: No dawg, but good look. Do you wanna bang me?
Kevin: Fo sho nigga!
by D Cizzle February 13, 2005
means for sure or allright then or great or for real or really-
comes from the word fer sher- but in the American languge every word can get morre
Person 1- Man billy your mom is sure fat.
Billy- fo sho, we need to stop going to KFC and getting the extra large chicken leg combo meal.
by Danielle November 29, 2004
A really played out word.
You want some grilled cheese?

"Fo sho"

*Fo sho kid gets punched

"thats played out. Its Fo shelia now"
by [e.99]Miracle August 15, 2004
For Sure, Okay, Yeah, Yes.

Word invented by :Melissa S. Briseno
Hey wanna go to the store? Fo sho dawg. :D
by jhfhjmfjh June 28, 2011
verb: I concur
"yo dawg, dat car is da shit"
"Fo Sho"
by ed in a jar December 08, 2009

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