for sure, of course, yes, ok, an affirmative (slang)
Are you coming tonight?
Fo shizzle!
by ec.rox.ur.sox December 01, 2008
for sure; can be used to agree with someone
person 1: "He's so cool!"
person 2: "foshizzle!"
by christine =) January 18, 2008
1. For sure
2. Absolutely
3. Unmistakenably, without a doubt
"Shizzle to my dizzle, fo shizzle."
by J.Lew July 03, 2003
Slang word for "for sure." You can find this word used mostly by young adults or Snoop Dog. When you use this phrase, don't use any proper grammar in the sentence so the phrase "fo shizzle" can blend in.
Right Way: Yo ugly fo shizzle.

Wrong Way: You are ugly fo shizzle teehee *^^*!
by Eggie June 20, 2003
Urban slang meaning 'For sure' with the term 'izzle' being made popular by the famous rapper 'Snoop Dogg'
chris: Yo u comin over tonight?

Jason: Fo' shizzle!
by mattyR July 31, 2006
Commonly means "For Sure"
"Hey wanna go to the mall?"

Used in Snoop Dogg's song : "What's My Name"
by not a frub October 15, 2007
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