means "for sure my brother" or "for sure my friend"
When asked if the party was good...
"fo shizzle my nizzo!"
by Kristy September 16, 2003
Generally means that the person saying it, is a twat
Hey! fo shizzle my nizzo biotch mo fo uhhmmmmmmmm. sup girlfriend?
by pea fan September 15, 2003
Phrase denoting agreement, most commonly used by the Negro population, but increasingly poular with the white-boy population e.g. Justin Timberlake.
Damn that girl fine!

Fo shizzle my nizzo!
by Stu Hughes September 15, 2003
for sure my nigga
"you wanna run a train on this whoa?"
"fo shizzle my nizzo!"
by ryan September 15, 2003
"For sure, my ni**er."
"Definitely, my good friend."
"Y'all headin' ta Tre's BBQ?"
"Fo shizzle my nizzo, that shit's gonna be off the heezy fo sheezy."
by Whitey September 15, 2003
playful baby sextalk to perform foreplay on the clit with your nose
i proper snizzled her nizzo last night,
should have heard her moan!
by zabba September 15, 2003
For sure my nigger.
Dr. O: 'Hey Millsy, you goin' to the show?'

Millsy: 'Fo shizzle my nizzo!'
by Millsy September 14, 2003
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