For sure my nigger.
Dr. O: 'Hey Millsy, you goin' to the show?'

Millsy: 'Fo shizzle my nizzo!'
by Millsy September 14, 2003
fucked up talk that someone without a brain uses.
easier to apply due to the fact that their primal brains haven't evolved quite yet.
human: "Want to buy a 2-6?"
sub-human: "fo shizzle my nizzo"
by THE MUGGER September 14, 2003
for sure my nigga
do u wanna bunn a spliff? fo shizzle my nizzo
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
the wanna-be attempt of 'fo shizzle mah nizzle,' usually said by some white wanna-be.
"You wanna go to the bar?"

"Fo shizzle my nizzo"

"fuckin wigga"
by FaT J September 13, 2003
for sure/absolutly/yes
"yo iz we gonna hit up the club tonight?"
"fo shizzle my nizzo"
by tec September 08, 2003
For sure my nigga

Agreeing with something said by a friend or acquaintance.
"You wanna go get something to eat?"
"Fo shizzle my nizzle"
by Khaos September 07, 2003
means "for sure my brother" or "for sure my friend"
When asked if the party was good...
"fo shizzle my nizzo!"
by Kristy September 16, 2003

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