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the new 'fo shizzle' in the ghettto.
means for sure, or for shit.
yo u man u goin to the club tonite?

"yea man, fo shaganoff"
by TC January 23, 2004
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for sure
When someone asks if you are goin' out, you say fo shaganof
by Dr. D January 24, 2004
the illist phrase there is
A:man you get dat
B:fo shaganoff
by X-sTaTiK February 04, 2005
1]for sure
3]of course
kay-"are you coming the the party this saturday?"
hannah-"oh fo shaganoff"
by hannah October 28, 2004
fo shizzle=for shizzlie=fo sure=for sure
"fo shaganoff is the gayest slang word i've ever heard. the fuck???? sounds like a food"
by boyo October 20, 2004

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