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syn. for real. this is ghetto america's term when citing something that is unbelievable but true. modeled after snoop dog.
ya'll stole dis car? naw....fo rizzle?
by Colsey June 18, 2007
5 1
"for real"
"Dude, I used to be a woman!" "Fo rizzle?" "fo sho"
by kim and kathy June 13, 2003
77 11
Basically, for real. Except cooler!
Emily: I just ran over your cat
Kieran: Are you forizzle ???!!!
by emmy22 October 09, 2007
28 7
A bastardization of 'for real', which is a bastardization of 'true that', which is a bastardization of 'that is true'.
fo' rizzle dizzle, ma shizznit iz up thizzle fo' shizzle.
by some one November 26, 2003
34 14
'for real'
forizzle my nizzle
by canadian_idiot February 18, 2009
11 1
Fo rizzle, another way of saying For Real or Fo real, Some say Snoop Dog(g) has created it as some say people online.

see fo sho
aolol: omg snoop dog(g) is the bomb

numba4343434: fo rizzle

see the bomb
by ll4m4 June 08, 2005
14 4
To word that can take the place of "for real" and "really?"
Bob: Yo my dog just farted and my house exploded!

Joe: Forizzle?!
by master of gorrilas April 22, 2009
6 0