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A forty-four caliber pistol.
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
fo fo, a .44 calibre gun
nas: "where so many souls go, because of a fo' fo' blast"
by Ace September 23, 2003
'84 rims, the term wasmade famous by houston rapper mike jones in his song still tippin'. they are the rims with lots of spokes and the knobs pokin out
Mike Jones: Fo' Fo's i'm tippin, woodgrain i'm grippin, catch me lane switchin with the paint drippin...
by Sama'an May 30, 2005
A .44 calibre weapon, especially a handgun like a Smith & Wesson Magnum revolver
Pronounced 'four-four'
I start some trouble everywhere that I go (that I go)
Ask the bouncers in the club cause they know (cause they know)
I start some shit they throw me out the back do' (the back do')
Come back and shoot the club up with a fo fo (a fo fo) - Eminem impersonating Snoop Dogg in Bitch Please II
by Guy Martin September 02, 2007
Fo' Fo' is slang for fourty four which is known to be a fourty four magnum which is a gun.
ill take my fo' fo' out an make sure all yo' kids dont grow
by Big Dave November 28, 2003
A gun; gat

Usually used to shoot people
"I lit him up with my fo-fo"
by Vinny Amaru July 04, 2006
Fo' Fo' is slang for a .44 magnum (a gun).
"I'll take my fo' fo' out an make sure all yo' kids dont grow."
by Space Case August 28, 2005