fnu fnu skcollob.
by elbow October 27, 2003
Top Definition
it is a word meaning happyness, enjoyment etc, derriving from the dyslexic, "fun"
"dyslexics get all the fnu!"
by ding dong November 01, 2003
Nut quite fun, but as much fun as any person of Germanic descent could ever hope to achieve in a lifetime.
Dieter had fnu driving his new Mercedes on the Autobahn.
by The Harlot March 04, 2004
Fine and you
How are you doing today?

F n u
by Bus Schedule October 24, 2009
fun, enjoyment, sed wrong.
wow what fnu we had picking apples.
by ull never know November 02, 2003
Unf backwards. Usually found within geeky online forums.
*fnufnufnu* I seckz you good.
by lesbians rock yo April 19, 2006
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