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polite way of saying "fucking A"
fna dude, that was my foot!
by olivia arthur May 13, 2004
Onomatopoeic representation for the sound a primate makes when he flings bodily discharges (feces, urine, or semen) at unsuspecting onlookers. Typically used in reference to something disgusting that may or may not be flung through the air.
We each had a can of silly string for our silly string fight. As we sprayed the cans, we yelled "F'NA!" The silly string f'nah'd through the air. After the battle, we were all covered in f'na.
by BobandDan March 04, 2010
An abbreviation of what I say at/about my beat down office job several times daily.
Taken from the greatness of "Office Space".
Lawrence, Peter's neighbor, "F*ckin' A"
by Office Space March 02, 2004
A way of saying that something is F*ing Awesome
I just won the lottery! FNA!
by Mintara January 26, 2011
Fucking Non Athlete
Look at all the FNAs sitting in the athlete section
by isuathletezzzz November 16, 2010
Another way to say "gonna".
Tommy: You better watch yo mouth.
Josh: What you f'na do?! You just a trick bitch!
by booboo102 July 18, 2010
Comes from mormons, used to describe Friday Night Activity. They use this time so they dont have to deal with the real world of non-belivers. When they hear the other meanings of FNA they will give you a confused look.
I cant wait to go to the FNA, I hear it will be a dance.
by Reverend Bryan November 19, 2004