A play that can be used in almost any team sport, consisting of one player (with the puck/football/soccerball/lacrosse ball/rugby ball/whatever) running, while being surrounded by the rest of their team, in a v-formation. It works well as a last second gamble, or as a joke play that just confuses people.
We're down by a goal with 2 minutes left...
#hockey #mighty ducks #puck #soccer #football
by Weens July 19, 2006
Flying Vagina. Two girls naked rubbing their pussys together with each others pussys. One is horizontal, one is sideways.
Sometimes seen in girl on girl porno vids
by pbowly November 23, 2003
A joint that contains marijuana and salvia divinorum.

Generally, salvia is more potent from a bong, or at least a pipe, but the flying V gives a nice, somewhat trippy buzz.
"Bro, you want to smoke this joint?"
"Nah man, let's smoke some salvia."
"How about we roll us a fat flying V?"
#drugs #recreation #crafts #mixtures #fun
by doktorfunk September 29, 2005
An act ware a man wile going down on a girl (wile Drunk mind you) throws up on the girls vaginal area. Afterword he sits up and claps wile saying "quack quack quack" faster and faster like in the mighty duck movie, then leaves asap. also known as the webber
Can alternate sex (man to woman) and
(going down To Blow Job)
see:going down See: blow job
Dude i flying V'ed my girl/boy friend last night!
#going down #eating out #rug munchin #blow job #gross sex
by The Ho man of NY June 29, 2006
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