When a woman is on her period. This is in reference to the pads having wings.
I think she was flying because she didn't wear her favorite white pants.
by RB & MG INC. April 26, 2009
Fucking Lying or Fuck Lying. Lying to cover up whether or not you fucked.

Are you flying with me? I saw you walk out of the club with susie last night!
by Axes of Evil November 01, 2008
Giving head to someone or a blowjob.
Chris loved flying so much he decided to take some lessons and learn how to do it himself.
by A. R. G. 5000 August 04, 2006
Create a magic carpet, then lie upon thy stichings and bless the lord for what you have done to keep it and not spank your own mother for her wrong doings. Thank You.
"Stop flying!"
by Geoff March 27, 2003
Ability gained after having sex with 100 women at once while a midget feeds you crack.
I can fly!
by GG September 29, 2003
Drinking alcohol before going out to a social event, most likely to avoid high bar prices.
I got a 5th of captains in da trunk, wanna fly (go flying) a bit befoe we go inside?
by hagaki May 17, 2006
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