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(n.) A fish native to the Amazon, known for getting it on with multiple species, especially with randy pirhanas. A dangerous species to deal with if you don't keep your holes or your wang covered, as they will fly towards either like Paris Hilton presented with a ganting guy and a camera. A constant source of marvel and horniness for horny ichthyologists across the world.

(interj.) A phrase meaning fuck with distant ties to the flying fuck (the flying fuckfish is the primary source of food fot the flying fuck). Used if the situation you're cursing is bizarre, you're confused, or if you're in the mood for alliteration. Can also be used interchangeably with flying fuck.
Dr. Hornhump, Ichthyologist emeritus: Be careful of the flying fuckfish, Fiorella, they can find the most obscure and well-covered holes like Osama Bin Laden on a hot, Afghani day.

Juwanna Tinkle: What's the capital of Assyria?!
Me: Flying fuckfish! How the hell should I know?
by papermachete October 28, 2005
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