in the midst of swallowing a guy's cum, the female laughs and inadvertently shoots the cum through her nose.
Damn, now that was a nasty flying dragon!
by nads March 27, 2004
Top Definition
the act of jumping at your partner and landing it in their vagina
JJ: "I tried to do a flying dragon, but missed cause my dick is small
by Adar rojelio February 06, 2011
The act of taking a shit without touching the toilet.
Guy #1: I just had t-bell

Guy #2: Dude were really far away from home

Guy #1: Damn, Im going to have to go in that sketch gas station and pull a flying dragon
by igoham179929 April 02, 2011
when a man is receiving oral sex, while sitting, he takes the arms of the blower and spreads them so their head fall on the receivers man shaft, enducing and involentary deep throat.
by hot karl March 25, 2003
After blowing your load into your girlfriend’s mouth, immediately follow up with a spinning heel kick to the face.
That bitch caught the flying dragon last night.
by Long Island August 13, 2004
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